Memory: College Waitress

I had just joined college on a shoe string budget and was having difficulty making ends meet. I tried different kinds of budgets; half-starving myself in the process thinking that it would get me by while watching my curves. It didn?t work out.

Finally, I set off on a job hunt and found one at a local pub (Dallas, Texas is full of them) that would fit into my schedule. I worked evenings from 6.00 to 11.00 p.m., all through the week. It was demanding but fun though I had to ward off advances from love struck patrons every once in a while.

Eventually, it paid off and I am in my final year, leading a healthy life and planning to pursue a Master?s Degree. Of course my highly spiritual folks think that I got a job in a totally different place!

Soccer Practice

Soccer has always been a sport that I wanted to get into but it is not until recently that I decided to make a commitment to training. I am an avid fan of the U.S. Soccer League and felt that I was armed with enough knowledge of the game.

I identified a local club in the neighborhood that trained kids and adults and enrolled. Little did I know that the training was much more vigorous than I thought. I have had to call in sick at work because of aches, bruises and sore but I love it. I was under the impression that ladies don?t get so physical on the field but was wrong.

For many, it continues to be a male dominated sport but I know with time, we ladies will get the recognition that we deserve.

One of my teammates had surgery two years ago. It’s amazing to see how it healed.